Find your perfect bottle

In three easy steps, we can help find the perfect bottle for you!

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How big is your thirst?

With six wide-mouth sizes to keep your water ice-cold, choose the bottle that will refresh your hydration routine.

40oz - This one handles hours of fun, from sun up to sun down!

18oz - The perfect size to pop in your purse, stash in your backpack, or snug in your car cup holder.

24oz - Just the right size to stay hydrated for a quick adventure.

32oz - Get all the way through a leisurely trail hike or afternoon at the beach.

64oz - Suited to get you through the day with ice cold refreshment!

17oz -

16oz -

14oz - Fits in little hands with sure-grip, and snugs in school lunch bags without spills!

7oz -

12oz -

17oz -

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Which Best Lid Ever is your favorite?

Twist off, add ice, twist on. Takeya’s award-winning, leak-proof lid locks in 24+ hours of ice-cold hydration.

Includes both lid types.

Straw Lid

Travel Mug
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What California color matches your mood?

With a double layer of durable powder coat drenched in vibrant California-inspired colors, there’s a bottle to match every active athlete, sustainable sipper, and fitness enthusiast (who doesn’t mind looking good when they sweat).

Cobalt - Curling over your surfboard.

Capri - Ready for a picnic basket.

Plum - You’re gonna wanna bite into this one.

Black - A moonless night.

White - Crisp and clean.

Superior Blue - A summit view.

Mauve - Mauve over, plum (and relax a smidge).

Ice Grey - The coolest of greys.

Pine - When camping clings to a bottle.

Arctic - A polar bear in the snow. Crunching an ice cube.

Grasshopper - Running barefoot in the yard

Stone - Like the crunch of a gravel trail.

Midnight - A quiet cliff view.

Fire Cracker - You can practically hear the noise.

Shadow - 10º more cheerful than carbon.

Mayan Blue - A welcome afternoon rain.

Punch - The color of a smashed berry smoothie.

Eggplant - Darker and purpler than plum.

Harbor Grey - Chiller than beige and perfect for stickers.

Denim - We plucked this swatch from a dark lake by kayak.

Starling - Like a perfect purple feather.

Oriole - Citrusy like an electric tangerine.

Red Robin - When nature shows off.

Blue Jay - Loud and blue birdy.

Clear - A cloudless day.

Aqua - This one's looking for a tropical pier.

Strawberry - Field grown and ripe.

Onyx - Behind the bonfire.

Whisper - Who said that? (crystal clear)

Dragonfly - Buzzingly pink.

Sky - An ocean breeze.

Acai - Like a lightning sky.

Splash - Straight off a mermaid's tail.

Blueberry - Straight from the patch.

Wolf Grey - Belongs in a stainless steel kitchen.

Aquamarine - A dark aqua that gives off a marina vibe.

Storm Pink - Hibiscus before the rain.

Azure - Under the surface.

Asstd. - Assorted Colors

Jet Black - Between the Stars

Ultimate Grey - Morning Fog

Dusty Blue - Coastal Calm

Pink Salt - Spring Sunrise

Pink -

Periwinkle - The dreamy sister of purple.

Cloud Gray - The coolest of grays.

Blue -

Malechite - Vivid Green Ocean

Ultimate Gray - Morning Fog

Coral - Pink Summer Sunset

Your Perfect Bottle