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What’s Your Shipping Policy?

What's Your Return Policy?

I can't find my shipment. What do I do?

Bottle Questions

How long do ThermoFlask bottles keep liquids hot and cold?

My bottle says "handwash only" on the bottom. Is it dishwasher safe?

How do I clean my ThermoFlask bottle?

How do I clean my ThermoFlask spout and straw lids?

My bottle is leaking. How do I troubleshoot it?

What size ThermoFlask bottles fit in a cup holder?

Can I put carbonated beverages in my ThermoFlask bottle?

Can I drink hot liquid with a straw lid?

Product Use Warnings

What is the warranty?

Can I put Milk or Dairy Products in my Thermoflask product?

Celebration Drinkware

Is the Celebration Drinkware line dishwasher safe?

Customize Bottles

Which bottles are available for customization?

What kind of customization do you offer? 

How does laser engraving work?

What type of files can I upload?

How long will it take to customize my order?  

What happens if a policy is violated? 

Are customized products eligible for returns? 

How much does customization cost? 

Do you offer rush orders? 

Are customized bottles dishwasher safe? 

What can I have decorated on my bottle? 

What types of files do you accept for engraving?  


What are ThermoFlask bottles made of?

Where are Thermoflask bottles manufactured?

What is Tritan?

Corporate / Bulk Orders

Do you offer Bulk or Corporate discounts?

Which products are available for customization?

Do you offer samples?

How much is shipping for a bulk order in the USA?

Do you accept W9/ Tax Exemption certificates?

Which payment methods are accepted for custom and bulk orders?

Can I cancel or return my order?

How do Shop Pay installments work?

How do I pay with Shop Pay Installments?

What are the spending parameters?

Does Shop Pay installments impact my credit score?

What are the options to pay in Shop Pay installments?

Which payment methods are accepted if I use the option to pay in Shop Pay installments?

How do I manage my payments for Shop Pay installments?

Are there late fees when using Shop Pay?

What happens if I pay with Shop Pay installments and then return items or cancel my order?

Have more questions about Shop Pay?

ThermoFlask® Cleaning Brush

Is the brush dishwasher safe?