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ThermoFlask's best-selling 40oz two-bottle packs with four lids are filling carts fast.

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...began in 2012 when we built a bottle that inspired adventurers to fill their flask, feel their best, and get going. We innovated a lid system to keep the cold in longer, make ice load easy, and never leak. We designed a satisfying hydration experience—one that gave a sustainable nod to the planet with every sip.

Finally, a bottle to love.


To inspire, accompany and elevate life's adventures, one sustainable step at a time. We are there to explore all of them with you, wherever life takes you. Fill your ThermoFlask, feel your best, and get going.

Thoughtful Technology

Our intelligent Temp-Lock™ technology is engineered to lock in the temperature. It will keep the perfect temperature, just as you want. That’s how we truly elevate your life’s adventures: cold or hot, hour after hour, step after step.


By replacing single-use plastics with our sustainable ThermoFlask gear, you are consciously making a positive impact and joining the growing movement of eco-responsible adventurers.