Which ThermoFlask Lid is Best For You?


May 12, 2023

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Swivel Handle Straw Lid
Swivel Handle Straw Lid
Which ThermoFlask Lid is Best For You?
Spout Lid with Wide Loop
Spout Lid with Wide Loop

Picture this: you’re hiking a trail, and the smell of pine fills your lungs. The sun is shining, the bees are buzzing, and your shoes happily grip the ground—today is a good day. 

You take a sip of water to re-energize… and your shirt gets a shower.

Ugh. Leaky bottles are annoying!

But ThermoFlask bottles come with lids that don’t leak, so you hydrate day after day, adventure after adventure, without any mess. 

Beyond the leak-proof seal, ThermoFlask offers a range of thoughtfully-designed lid styles that fit all of our bottles, no matter the size, thanks to our universal lid system—genius! 

No matter which lid you choose, ThermoFlask makes hydrating over-the-top satisfying. 

Taking the Lead with 6 of the Best Lids Ever

We deliver the highest quality hydration experience with

  • 2 drink designs: Straw and Spout
  • 4 handle styles built right into the lid: swivel, wide swivel, chug, and fixed loop

Whether you’re looking for a replacement lid, extra lids to change up your drinking experience, or you simply crave convenient flexibility to drink how you want and carry your way, choose from six of the Best Lids Ever to suit all of your adventures.

3 Straw Lids

The easy open and close straw lid provides max-flow, no-tilt drinking. The flip-top design gives you one-handed access with the flick of your thumb, and the folding straw (totally leakproof when closed securely) can be cut to fit any ThermoFlask insulated bottles from 14oz and 16oz kids bottles up to 64oz bottles. 

The straw lid is perfect for hydrating on the go, whether you’re out walking your furry best friend or sipping quietly in your yoga class. 

The straw lid comes with three different handles:

1. Swivel handle straw lid

The hinge lock swivel handle stays out of the way when sipping. The stainless steel pin in the swivel handle makes this lid nearly indestructible so your bottle can keep up with whatever your adventures throw at you. 

2. Wide swivel handle straw lid

Same sensational sip experience as the standard swivel handle, but slightly wider for more carry room.

3. Fixed handle straw lid 

The newest addition to the ThermoFlask family, the fixed handle tucks a convenient carry loop under the straw, making it easy to tote your bottle with just one finger. 

Grab it and go or clip it with a carabiner, and head out for your next adventure. 


3 Spout Lids

Fast-flow ThermoFlask Spout Lids twist open/close and flip back so you can drink without removing the lid. The innovative design snugs the spout to your lips, preventing face splashes and shirt showers—whether you sip, chug, or pour—with mindful precision. Spout lids are 100% leakproof and condensation-free (no sweat).

Spout lids fit all ThermoFlaskTM insulated bottles from 14oz to 64oz. 

1. Swivel handle spout lid

The swivel handle makes your bottle easy to carry or attach to a backpack with a carabiner. The stainless steel pin in the swivel handle makes it nearly indestructible, and the hinge lock keeps the cap out of the way when you drink. 

2. Wide loop swivel handle spout lid

The same fast-flow, twist-open, flip-back lid as the standard spout lid, but with a wider handle. This one is for bigger hands, or for those who appreciate a little extra carry space.  

3. Chug lid

Less swingy than the swivel handle, the sturdy chug handle makes it perfect to clip. The cap on the chug lid flips back right out of the way and it locks down for a leakproof seal.

So what lid best fits your adventures?

Do you prefer a twistable spout or a flick-open straw? 

Do you like your handle to swivel, or are you all about a more rigid handle like the chug or fixed loop lids? 

The choice is yours. 

And the good news is, you don’t have to choose! Each lid style fits any ThermoFlask™ bottle, so you can mix and match your lid to fit your day’s journey.

All our lids 

  • Are leakproof thanks to The Best Lid Ever™
  • Are BPA-free
  • Fit all ThermoFlask™ insulated bottles (from 18oz to 64oz and all 14oz and 16oz Kids Bottles) thanks to our innovative universal lid system 
  • Are dishwasher safe and convenient to keep clean 
  • Have removable silicone lid gaskets that prevent grimy build-up 
  • Come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Come in a range of colors to suit your style, mood, and season
  • Are perfect for adventures 

Try them out and see which lid works best for your adventures. Wherever your day takes you, hydrate all day long with the Best Lid Ever™, thoughtfully engineered by ThermoFlask™.

Hydrating has never been so effortless, easy, and convenient.


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