The Plum Collection


Apr 12, 2023

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Bottle w/ Chug Lid and Straw Lid
Bottle w/ Chug Lid and Straw Lid
The Plum Collection
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As happy on a bicycle as it is clipped to your backpack, this fruity color—plum!—takes a queue from the quiet side of nature.

From wildflowers that cover California mountains in spring, to those sweet, juicy fruits stacked high at farmers markets, plum comes from the earth.

Plum wakes up the day in the cool shades of morning, greets the sun between wild grasses, and puts the sky to sleep with that pretty subdued shade that holds onto the clouds before the stars take over.

We picked this color right off the tree, and we hope our plum bottle line inspires you to explore new paths and take in all the peaceful purples that dot the landscape in thoughtful detail.  

Stay hydrated in a tranquil way with ThermoFlask’s fruit-inspired bottle color: plum. 

Add this core color to your ThermoFlask collection. Available in our 2-Lid Chug and Straw Bottle (sizes 18, 24, 32 and 40oz). You’re going to want to bite into this one!