The Cobalt Collection


Aug 07, 2023

Torn paper
The Cobalt Collection

Cobalt is intense. 

It curls over surfboards and fills the sky with a deep blue backdrop that’s perfect for fluffy, white clouds.

It might be saturated and grounding, but Cobalt stays this side of serious; it plays with the boldness of nightfall, takes a page from nature’s rare book—a vibrant butterfly wing or the glassy surface of a dark creek—and it isn’t shy about being one of America’s Star Spangled Banner faves.

Cobalt is the strong hue of a bay that holds back a cliff face, but it’s also serene and cheerful like the shaded streets of a fishing village just up the bank. Cobalt was made for weekend kayakers and paddle boarders taking their dogs out for a morning tour.

It doesn’t need to be seen when you clip it to your backpack, but put Cobalt next to your white bottle and you’ve got an instant nautical duo that makes a splash.