How to Keep Your ThermoFlask Clean


Mar 15, 2023

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How to Keep Your ThermoFlask Clean


Cleaning your bottle every day keeps your ThermoFlask bottle fresh and adventure-ready. After thousands of washes, we have some tips to share:

Daily Hand Wash 

Hand wash your bottle, lid, and straw after each use with warm water and non-abrasive dish soap. 
    • Use a bottle brush to scrub away any build-up inside the bottle.
    • For the lid and straw, use that same bottle brush since it gets into the corners, crannies, and hard-to-reach places.
    • Do not use cleansers with harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine as they can ruin your bottle.
    • Let all parts dry completely before reassembling your bottle—because germs love the damp!
    • Extra-mileing it: Rinse the bottle brush under hot water and leave it “brush up” to dry.
    • After cleaning, make sure that all parts are dry before reassembling.

O-Ring Deep Clean

    • Remove the lid O-Rings (the clear rubber parts) and soak them in a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. Vinegar is a natural sanitizer! 
    • Large O-Rings will pop out when you pull on the tab. For the small O-Rings (located in the spout cap only - not straw lids), use a toothpick, paperclip, or fork to gently pull them out of the drinking spout cap. 
    • After you soak and thoroughly rinse the O-Rings, let them fully dry so you don’t trap water in the lid. We recommend placing them on a paper towel for a few hours.
    • After the O-Rings are dry, place them flat side down into the open areas and use the flat side of a toothpick to gently press the O-ring back into place.
    • The O-Rings create an airtight seal that locks out nature’s temperatures and locks in 24-hour cold, so make sure they’re in the right spot!


ThermoFlask lids are top-rack dishwasher safe so you can disinfect them without worrying about damage. Place the bottle base in the bottom rack of your dishwasher. Only use for a deep clean.

Want a step-by-step video on how to make your bottle shine? 

Cleaning Video Guides

A light cleaning every day and a sustainable scrub once a week keeps your bottle fresh and good as new. Then you can head out for adventure with a sparkling clean sustainable bottle that loves the planet back. 

If any bottle parts are worn or weathered, check out for replacement parts.