Five Best Fall Views


Oct 11, 2022

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Five Best Fall Views
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Fall means pumpkin patches, gourds, fresh-baked pies, ripe apples, crisp cider, and endless fresh air. In our more northerly states, fall also means chunky sweaters, porch blankets, and beautiful landscapes painted with the warmth of leaves turning. 

This is the best time of year to explore the great outdoors! Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails hands-free with one of ThermoFlask’s bottle slings—we have three different styles to suit every adventure!

Whether you're looking for a breathtaking weekend hike or planning an afternoon in a cozy cafe with a good read, we’ve found 5 of the best fall views to inspire your next adventure. 

#1 Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Jackson Hole is a cozy town nestled in the mountains of Wyoming, and it was made for the adventurous. Down low, grassy plains frame rugged mountains cut by winding rivers. If you’re looking to get out on the water, raft tours are offered on the Snake River. But for hikers looking to fill their Instagram feeds with impossible autumn beauty, try a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park. Fall colors are best seen in early October, ranging from golden aspens to red leaf shrubs—even the grass fields turn a soft yellow. We recommend taking a refillable 40oz ThermoFlask bottle with you and bringing a friend! A straw lid makes sipping easy while exploring the colorful woods.

#2 Woodstock, Vermont 

Vermont is famous for its fall charm, and where better to see it than the picturesque town of Woodstock, Vermont? Bring your bottle to visit the brilliant forest-lined farmlands of this photogenic town, alive with all the bright colors of fall. Visit Sugar Bush Farm, bordered by fiery sugar maples, and stock up on fresh maple syrup and an assortment of waxed cheeses. Try one of their 15 free cheese samples (and wash it down with an ice cold sip from your favorite 24oz ThermoFlask).

#3 Gatlinburg, Tennessee 

A getaway in the Great Smoky Mountains tops any fall tour list—some say the bright color displays here are the best of anywhere in America thanks to the rich forest diversity:

Oaks: red, brown, or russet

Hickories: golden bronze

Dogwood: purple-red

Birch: bright yellow

Poplar: golden yellow

Sugar Maple: fiery orange-red

Black Maple: glowing yellow

Red Maple: bright scarlet

With fall sojourns like the Smoky Mountain Harvest Festival, and dazzling forests in patchwork quilts of crimson, copper, and gold, Gatlinburg is a fall must-see in mid-October (predicted peak). Explore Great Smoky Mountain National Park with hikes ranging from the 1.4-mile Clingman’s Dome Observation Tower Trail to the 11-mile Alum Cave Trail. Another great way to see the fall views is from the Ober aerial tram—savor your sips above the colorful fall canopy! 

#4 Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is a quaint oceanside village with a beautiful shoreline and even more stunning fall foliage in rusty reds and bronzy ambers. Challenge yourself in Acadia National Park, slinging your bottle to stay hydrated on the go. When you wear out the woods, hit the water with Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. to observe humpback, finback, and minke whales or simply breathe in the fresh sea breeze while strolling a seaside cobblestone path. Coastal Maine fall color peaks mid-to-late October.

#5 Aspen, Colorado 

Framed by the Rocky Mountains and vast forests, Aspen is known for its high-end restaurants and boutiques on cozy streets. But for outdoor enthusiasts, Aspen is a delightful destination for endless fall beauty. Explore the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail or Rio Grande Trail for an afternoon of incredible fresh-air and jaw-dropping yellows. Then go up high for vibrant views from the Silver Queen Gondola. Aspen can be busy, so we suggest waking early on a crisp morning to watch the sunrise warm the aspens—a serene moment—and take 24oz of pure, fresh water with you to start the day hydrated.

Fill fall days with ThermoFlask

The fiery fall colors are only here for such a short glimpse each year. Take in as much of the gorgeous views as your eyes (and legs) can handle by staying hydrated—it’s the most important part of adventuring. We wish you long days walking around with rosy cheeks, exploring beautiful fall views. And we encourage you to do so sustainably, with insulated refreshment from ThermoFlask