Celebration Drinkware for Backyard Adventurers


May 12, 2023

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17 oz Celebration Beer Tumbler Two Pack
17 oz Celebration Beer Tumbler Two Pack
Celebration Drinkware for Backyard Adventurers
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You’re going to love our new Celebration tumblers

Courageously formal, unabashedly unbreakable, and in one bespoke color that matches every outdoor atmosphere, they’re a gorgeous addition to your backyard drinkware—the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor gathering. 

The Celebration Collection is for the bringers of people together, whether that’s a patio party, beach picnic, camp trip, or backyard barbecue. 

Staying true to our signature technology, we designed three new tumblers with Temp-LockTM double-wall insulation to keep wine, beer, champagne, and cocktails chilled all celebration long. Each tumbler has an elegant high-gloss, glass-look finish and a built-in Tritan™ coaster that keeps condensation rings off patio furniture. Crafted with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that won’t break if dropped, outdoor socials just got a new sense of style thanks to ThermoFlask’s shatterproof sophistication. 

Insulated Wine Tumbler

The 12oz insulated wine tumbler in a classic glossy white finish makes this elegant drinkware a must-have for wine lovers. Taller and trimmer than other wine tumblers out there, the tapered design feels good in your hand and looks sleek from across the deck. The clear press-in splash-proof Best Lid Ever™ ensures your bubbly stays put when the lighting is low and elbows are high. Whether you’re toasting a Monday night milestone, sipping a Wednesday night wine with your bestie, or full-on regaling a weekend crowd with stories of adventures past, we’ve elevated the experience with elegant tumblers that add style to any occasion. 

Insulated Champagne Flute

We’re in love with the sleek design and slight taper of our 7oz stemless champagne flute. The rounded shape of the inner lining refines the pour experience to be splashless, so your celebration space (and whatever your guests are wearing) stays spill- and stain-free. Underneath that glossy glass look, our Temp-LockTM technology works hard to lock in the perfect chill so you can savor every sparkling sip til the sun sets. And, thanks to the sweatproof design, condensation rings wouldn’t dream of marking your patio furniture. We think these gorgeous flutes look best under the cozy glow of patio lights when toasting a special moment. 

Insulated Beer Tumbler

Warm hands (and hot afternoons) are no match for Temp-LockTM insulated technology that locks in ice-cold temperatures for hours, so we kept the design minimal, modern, and magnificent. The double-wall design also makes these tumblers sweatproof so there are no worries about condensation rings on your outdoor bar top. With extra attention to detail, like the rounded internal shape that minimizes foam when pouring, and the clear splash-proof Best Lid Ever™ that prevents beerstaches and keeps nature's buzzing creatures away, you're going to cheers this modern take on the traditional stein all celebration long.

And if beer isn't on the menu, give "on the rocks" a fancy place to rock out! 17 ounces is the perfect size for cocktails too 🥳

Celebrate life’s adventures with ThermoFlask’s new Celebration Collection

We believe that wherever the journey takes you, you should take ThermoFlask with you. That’s because we make hydration gear for thirsty adventurers who need outstanding performance. 

Sometimes that journey takes you to a mountain trail, a personal best, or the perfect wave. Other times, it’s more about coming together to celebrate our accomplishments. Our Celebration Collection is a refined drinking experience that honors the craftsmanship we put into all of our sustainable drinkware—it gives the adventurers among us a way to celebrate the end of the journey in style.