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24 oz Packable Bottle Sling


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24 oz Packable Bottle Sling

We heard you: hands-free hydration makes a hike a happy adventure! That’s why we made our lightweight Neoprene sling slim, stretchy, and foldable—it folds into a convenient carry pouch for your stashables with a top loop that makes it easy to clip or one-finger carry. Cool, huh? Adjust the strap for the perfect cross-body or shoulder fit. This sling is perfect when your water bottle is the only thing you need; its barely-there footprint makes it easy to pack in and out.

  • Snuggly holds a ThermoFlask 24oz Bottle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap. Attach to fences or gates to keep your bottle off the ground
  • Convenient storage pocket for keys, multi-tool, lip balm…
  • Keeps your bottle protected and cool to the touch even in the hottest temps
  • Lightweight neoprene fabric
  • Folds into a small pouch when not in use



Product specs


24oz ThermoFlask bottles

Made of

Lightweight Neoprene Fabric

Care and Use:

  • Remove the bumper from your bottle before putting in the sling.
  • To open the bottle when in the sleeve, please use the wide bottle handle for extra grip.
  • Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.