Wherever the journey takes you, take ThermoFlask with you

Our gear 

We loaded our reusable bottles with innovative design, unrivaled portable technology, and impact-resistant, food-grade stainless steel durability for thirsty adventurers who need outstanding performance, whatever the journey. 

ThermoFlask bottles are built with intelligent Temp-Lock™ insulation that’s engineered to lock in temperature, elevating your adventure with long-lasting thermal devotion—cold or hot, hour after hour, step after step.

On the outside, we wrap our industry-leading insulation in an extra-grippy powder coat that feels great in your hand, stands up to dings and scratches, is condensation-free, and looks awesome against any backdrop since it comes in a range of adventurous colors. 

And at the top, we seal every bottle with the Best Lid Ever™, smartly designed (with pure love) to universally fit all ThermoFlask bottles—no matter the size—and screw down tight for a leak-proof seal. The friendly design of our durable swivel-loop handle or one-finger chug handle makes carrying effortless, and we give you three different drink styles (chug, spout, or straw) that are perfect for mid-hike chugs or nightstand sips. The thoughtful design that snugs the spout to your lips prevents face splashes and shirt showers, and all lids are 100% leak-proof. 

We take all your hydration needs seriously, so ThermoFlask bottles come in various convenient sizes to fit comfortably in most cup holders, backpack pockets, and in your hands. And when the day is done, you can rest easy with this mindful checklist that lasts—and outlasts:

All bottles and lids are dishwasher safe ✔ 

Silicone lid gaskets are removable, preventing grime build-ups. ✔

BPA-free; hello, peace of mind! ✔

Limited lifetime warranty ✔


At ThermoFlask, we own hydration and we’re obsessed with quenching your thirst. Adventure awaits out there and we’re proud to inspire, accompany, and elevate your adventures one sustainable step at a time.

Who we are

We’re outdoor adventurists, camper van day trippers, nature aficionados, sunrisers, and backyard stargazers. We’re moms and dads and kids at heart. We’re Californians who work and play where redwoods tower, where the surf touches the sunset, and where big rock and cactus bake in the sun—and a little of that goes into every bottle we make.

We’re in it with you for those early morning walks, forest hikes, highway drives, and last-minute excursions. We’re there with you in the quiet moments when your kids spot something in the wild that makes them hold their breath, when the sunset matches the bonfire flames, and when you place your bottle on your blanket and revel in what it took to get you there. 

We want to inspire new moments of adventure in your life. And we want you to take ThermoFlask with you so you can do more of what you love, all day, every day.

Adventure awaits

Life’s best adventures are the hydrated ones. We’re inspired by the journey, whether that’s the personal journey of one, a family journey, or the journey of a thousand people lifting up a community. 

We believe that for every adventurous story under the sun, there’s a ThermoFlask bottle to accompany it—and elevate it. With ThermoFlask, you’re ready for whatever journey thirst throws your way.


Connection with the environment is important to our well-being. By replacing single-use plastics with our sustainable ThermoFlask gear, you are consciously making a positive impact and joining the growing movement of eco-responsible adventurers. Join us!

Our mission is to actively nurture and protect the health of the planet one sustainable step at a time; it’s fundamental to what we do.

Our values flow from our team in California to you

We believe that life should be a joyful, memorable, and vibrant adventure, and that the right inspiration is the best fuel for it.

We feel that sharing our life adventures with those we love.